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Lucrative Course Launches Without

All The Stress And Overwhelm!

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How to take your business to the next level and blow past your financial goals...

⚠️ Do launches suck the life out of you?

⚠️ Do you collapse into a ball of goo the moment your cart closes?

⚠️ Are you devoting all your precious time and energy to launch content creation?

It's easy to work yourself to exhaustion. Especially when you’re passionate about what you do and want to help more people. You think, "I'll treat myself to a massage once I get through this launch." Or "I'll get back to the gym after cart close."

It's not your fault you're running yourself ragged. Society has conditioned us to feel guilty for not working 24/7. We live in a #hustle world. Some of us are meant to work 80 hours a week and that’s how they thrive. (Lookin’ at you Gary V!)

But those people are far and few between…

One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches and course creators making is wasting all their energy planning a launch and having nothing left for the execution.

As a personal brand, you have to show up for your audience as the most radiant version of you. THAT is how you turn followers into clients.

I’ve worked with 7-figure coaches and course creators as well as those just starting out. And the biggest difference between the two? It’s all about how they manage their energy.

If you're up until 4 am cranking out emails, you won’t be at your best for your Live Challenge the next day. (And your audience can totally tell.) Writing a messy sales page without time to tweak and revise it won’t get you more conversions. And slapping together some last-minute slides for your webinar is a waste of time.

So what's the secret to a wildly successful launch?

You plan ahead. You delegate. You prioritize your well-being above everything else.

But you don’t have to figure this out all on your own...

I’ve put together a checklist to show you exactly how to plan your launch like a million-dollar coach.

The Zen A.F. Launch Checklist will help you:

  • Delegate busy work and time-wasting tasks

  • Create more time for the activities that light you up

  • ​Prioritize your well-being so you can be your most magnetic, radiant self. (And call in more amazing clients!)

  • If you've been giving it your all and still aren't hitting your goals, then it's time for a new approach.

    Make your next launch Zen A.F. and download your free checklist now!

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