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You don't need a pricey copywriter, a branding expert, or a degree in creative writing.

Discover how to DIY amazing product copy for your business. 

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Product Descriptions are BORING

It's time to stop describing products and start telling Stories.

Product Stories are what multi-million and billion-dollar brands use to sell their products.

So many creative E-commerce entrepreneurs and marketers struggle to connect emotionally with their customers through copy. Here's the big secret, you must create a connection before you can make a sale.

Once more, for the kids in the back - YOU MUST CREATE A CONNECTION BEFORE YOU CAN MAKE A SALE!

This is where the Product Story formula comes in. Product Stories are fun, fast, and easy to write. You don't need to hire an expensive copywriter - you know your products better than anyone! Learn how to channel your creativity and passion for your business into juicy Product Stories that sell.

Product Stories speak to the heart of your audience and turn browsers into buyers.

In this FREE training, you'll:

  • Understand we need to tell Stories, not describe products

  • Observe examples of killer Product Stories in the wild

  • Discover what elements make up a Product Story

  • PLUS you'll get the Product Stories Checklist. This PDF makes it easy to follow the formula when writing product copy. 

    So, are you ready to double your sales?

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